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2014 Celebrities and Teams



Celebrity Tactician  Skipper and team 
 Mike Toppa  Jeff Ecklund, Charlie Smythe, Tom Lihan, Allen Breed
 Phil Garland  Philip Schutts, Paul Bregenzer, Craig White, David Schafer
 Josh Adams  Peter Rugg
 Robbie Doyle  Heather Gregg, Robby Bisi, Luke Lawrence, Michael Obuchowski
 Jud Smith  Gary Jobson, Hank Stuart, Jack Gierhardt, Dave Reed
 Jonathan Wright  Peter McCausland, Steve Mead, Fritz McClure, Graham Kilvert
 Mark Reynolds  Richard Werdiger, Miles Cameron, Shane Well,Ben Kinney
 Jim Allsopp  Robert Constable, Geoff Verney, Matt Judson, Jim Allsopp Jr.
 Dave Franzel  Peter Thomas, David Edwards, Karl Anderson, Ian Paice
Dave Ullman  Steve Cucchiaro, Stewart Neff, Bill Shore, Lindsay Smith
Dawn Riley  Tom Darling, Brian Simmons, Mark Pagon, Martha Parker
Will Welles  Ian McNeice, Zenas Hutcheson, Arthur Gosnell, Christian Nebergall
Peter Bromby  Ted Moore, Don Thinschmidt, Chris Gould, Peter Barrett
John MacCausland  Michael Baldock, DeAnn Reynolds, Evan Kornack, Alex Whipple


2013 Celebrities and Teams

2012 Celebrities and Teams



There was an outstanding group of celebrity tacticians and amateur teams that competed in the 2012 IOD Celebrity Invitational.  To learn more about the sailors and the teams, CLICK HERE to read their bio's in the IOD Celebrity Invitational Opening DinnerProgramThe event was hosted by legendary sailors and co-chairs Gary Jobson and Tom Whidden.